The goal of Skyline Dance Team is twofold: to develop a championship team and to build life skills & lifelong friendships. To achieve this, the team focuses on core covenants, the values that guide the goals of the team, and tradition. We are so happy to share what makes our team special, from the life lessons our alumni have taken away, to our team traditions!


Skyline Dance Team taught me the true meaning of teamwork. It taught me how powerful togetherness is in accomplishing a common goal, while also providing a safe space to grow both as individuals and as dancers!

Leah Favro, T4

I owe so much of my growth in my teenage years to this team. Summing up those four years of experience into words is something I’ve always struggled with. However, my biggest takeaway was the magic that can be made through inspiration, empowerment, passion, and drive. Through the leaders before me, those that led by my side, and the moments I was captain of Skyline’s team, I’ve have learned the true honor of being apart of something greater than yourself and the lessons we learn from each other are those that play the greatest to our successes in life. I am forever grateful to the magnificent coaches and even more so the beautiful dancers who believed in me most, that made my time on dance team the most rewarding experience of growing up.

Katie Ebeling, T5


2019 Dance: Survivor

2021 Pom: Charlie’s Angels

2022 Dance: The Fight


Team Number: Each year, we assign a name to the team, which is reflected in the number of years Lauren has been our head coach. It is a fun tradition to help us build team identity! * = state championship team

  • T1 = Lauren’s first year as coach, 2014-2015
  • T2 = 2015-2016
  • T3 = 2016-2017
  • T4 = 2017-2018
  • T5* = First State Championship! 2018-2019
  • T6 = COVID year, 2019-2020
  • T7* = Lauren wins Coach of the Year! 2020-2021
  • T8* = 2021-2022
  • T9 = current year! 2022-2023
We try to incorporate the team number into many things, including our costumes! This photo is from Team 3, 2016-2017.

Wrist tradition: In 2018, Skyline’s head captain began a tradition where the competition jazz team wrote the team number on the wrist of each dancer before they took the competition floor. This tradition has continued and expanded since to the entire team, a symbol of what legacy each individual team is contributing to every year!


We are so proud of our dancers who have made collegiate dance teams!

  • Sophie Gerth T4: Elon University Dance Team
  • Macy Scott T5: Vanderbilt University Dance Team
  • Katie Ebeling T5: Cal Poly Dance Team
  • Birkley Meade T6: Washington State University Dance Team
  • Jessie Mirabal T6: LSU Tiger Girls Dance Team *WON UDA Nationals in 2022!
  • Ellie Holliway T6: Gonzaga Dance Team